Barrington 220 Educational Foundation

Copy of 2018 BHS Health Sciences Lab

The new Health Sciences Lab at Barrington High School will allow more students to receive this important curriculum while still receiving dual credit at Harper. 

Outdoor Science Laboratory

We are excited to announce our support the District’s vision to develop an outdoor science laboratory on the property on the west side of Hart Road, just north of Lake Cook Road, which was donated to the district by the Wamberg family.

This project, currently in the exploratory phase, has the potential to provide our students with immersive experiences that are integral to developing and converging the critical skill-set needed for success.  The outdoor science laboratory will bring traditional lectures, laboratory science and field study together to connect students with actual experiences that translate into vivid learning. Whether in Life science, Earth science or Physical science, students will participate in experiential learning opportunities such as monitoring stream health, restoring prairie habitat, researching soil composition or studying renewable resources, among others.

Beyond cultivating curiosity about nature and science, though, the implications of a project such as this underscore the importance, emotionally and cognitively, of getting students out in nature to experience their surroundings.